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Trident Ploughshares

Towards the cost of their summer disarmament camp.

£4,425 Peace 2006 JRRT
UK Chagos Support Association

Over one year to enable the UK Chagos Support Association to launch their resettlement strategy and undertake sustained political lobbying and media work

£25,000 Peace 2007 JRRT
UK Chagos Support Association

Over eight months towards the cost of developing a resettlement strategy to enable the Chagossians to return to their islands.

£15,000 Peace 2007 JRRT
Yorkshire CND

To assist with the relaunch of their Space Weapons campaign.

£2,785 Peace 2004 JRRT
Alliance Party of Northern Ireland

Over four years, subject to a review in the light of any changes to the rules on party funding, towards the costs of campaigning for the 2011 Assembly Election.

£68,000 Raw Politics 2007 JRRT
Alliance Party of Northern Ireland

to assist the party in its campaign to win seats in the Northern Ireland Assembly elections held on 7th March 2007.

£30,000 Raw Politics 2007 JRRT

Over two years towards their work on the centre-left of British politics.

£76,600 Raw Politics 2006 JRRT

Towards core costs.

£25,275 Raw Politics 2005 JRRT
Keighley Liberal Democrats

towards General Election campaign literature.

£1,250 Raw Politics 2005 JRRT
Liberal Democrats
  • £537,500 towards database development costs;
  • £200,000 diversity measures to provide support to women, black, minority ethnic & disabled candidates;
  • £500,000 towards the campaign costs of elections
£1,802,500 Raw Politics 2006 JRRT
Liberal Democrats

Towards the campaigning costs for the local elections and the 2005 General Election.

£500,000 Raw Politics 2004 JRRT
London Federation of Green Parties

To part-fund the production of a CD promoting the Green Party and the London elections in June 2004.

£3,000 Raw Politics 2004 JRRT
Kennedy, Prof Liam

Towards his campaign as independent candidate for West Belfast in the General Election.

£1,000 Raw Politics 2005 JRRT
Scottish Liberal Democrats

Over eighteen months to address political disengagement in the lead up to the 2007 local elections in Scotland.

£86,000 Raw Politics 2006 JRRT

Towards work with anti-fascist campaigning groups.

£54,424 Raw Politics 2004 JRRT
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