SMK Campaigner Awards 2021 – nominations are now open!

Posted on: 19 Jan 2021


Each year, The Sheila McKechnie Foundation (SMK) celebrates the best campaigns and campaigners through their prestigious SMK Campaigner Awards. Their interest is in finding those who have made change happen – most effectively, creatively and courageously.

What all entries will have in common is the determination to secure a specific change that will make things better – whether for an individual, a local neighbourhood or for every single one of us.



There are nine different Award categories, including the David and Goliath Award which is sponsored by JRRT. This Award reflects one of our key aims: to strengthen the hand of those individuals and small organisations which fight large scale and systemic injustice.

Other categories include:

  • Best Community Campaign
  • Amplifying Unheard Voices
  • Young Campaigner Award
  • Campaigner of the Year

You can find out more about all of the Award categories on the SMK website.


Nominations close on Tuesday 2 February – make yours here!