About us

We invest time and effort into ensuring our governance arrangements are robust and fit to deliver our non-charitable purposes.

As a limited company, our governing body is a Board of ten directors, drawn from a variety of backgrounds, who reflect the Trust’s Quaker and Liberal roots and progressive values. Each director serves for a maximum of 15 years.


Board functions and roles

As well as legal, financial and compliance responsibilities, our Board’s key functions are in grant-making, strategic planning, scrutiny and the assessment of impact. We have a Chair (currently Andrew Neal), Vice Chair (Alison Goldsworthy) and lead directors for various aspects of our work.


Meeting structure

The Board meets for a half day every quarter, usually in York. This is often preceded by an informal evening get together at which an invited guest speaks about their work.

The board has one standing sub-committee, the Finance Committee, which has close oversight of our investments and social investments and is currently chaired by Lisa Smart. It reports to the full Board.

Directors also convene at short notice to consider grants that need a quick response and turnaround.



The Trust has a staff of six: four full-time and two part-time. They are based at our offices in York, or home-based. Their responsibility is to support the work of the Trust and the directors.