Important dates

Small grants – up to £7,500


If you are applying for £7,500 or less, you can submit your outline proposal at any time. Once your full application is submitted, we aim to inform you of our decision within two weeks.


Larger grants – over £7,500


If you are applying for more than £7,500, please be aware of the deadline for submitting your outline proposal and full application. Applications over £7,500 are considered by our Directors at quarterly meetings (approximately one month after the final application deadline).


If you miss a deadline, you will have to wait until the next quarter before your application can be considered.


The deadlines for applications over £7,500 are:


  • Outline proposals – 10am on Tuesday 27 August 2019;
  • Final applications – 10am on Monday 2 September 2019.


  • Outline proposals – 10am on Monday 28 October 2019;
  • Final applications – 10am on Monday 4 November 2019.


Meetings with Applicants


For larger grants, Directors may wish to meet you to discuss your application.

Meetings take place in central London. If you are invited to a meeting, JRRT will fund reasonable travel expenses.


Please note, not all applicants are invited to a meeting. Whether or not you are invited to a meeting should not be seen an indication of the eventual outcome of your grant application.