Grants awarded

The grants we award range in size from a few hundred to tens of thousands of pounds. Some grants tackle short-term immediate issues and may be in response to specific political developments. Occasionally multi-year grants are made.

Information about grants is published on this website once the grant has been formally agreed.

Our grants are also published to the 360Giving standard* and are available to download as an Excel spreadsheet.  See below for a full list of grants starting with the most recent.

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  • Common Knowledge Cooperative

    General Election Campaign Support

    £10,000 to continue their work building on their tool, Mapped, which provides campaign data support

    Amount: £10,000
    Theme: Democracy
    Date: 2024
  • Migrant Democracy Project

    Our Home Our Vote

    £59,721 over one year to advance the Our Home Our Vote campaign for residence-based voting rights

    Amount: £59,721
    Theme: UK Democracy Fund
    Date: 2024
  • Women’s Equality Network (WEN) Wales

    Diverse5050 Campaign

    £36,172 over one year to continue their Diverse5050 campaign for equality and diversity in Welsh politics

    Amount: £36,172
    Theme: Democracy
    Date: 2024
  • Reprieve

    Secure the Safe Repatriation of Trafficked Britons in Syria

    £39,972 over one year to continue delivering their campaign to end the unlawful detention of British nationals in North East Syria and secure their repatriation to the UK

    Amount: £39,972
    Theme: Truth to Power
    Date: 2024
  • openDemocracy

    Dark Money in British Politics

    £60,000 over one year to make political reforms which are essential for the integrity and accountability of British democracy

    Amount: £60,000
    Theme: Democracy
    Date: 2024
  • Labour for a New Democracy

    Parliamentary Organising, Key Stakeholders & Beyond the Election

    £40,000 over six months to continue building networks, support and organisation amongst Labour’s PPCs for Proportional Representation; to strengthen relationships with, and pro-PR advocacy by, trade union leaders and their political officers; and to continue dialogue and negotiations with other key party stakeholders

    Amount: £40,000
    Theme: Democracy
    Date: 2024
  • Centenary Action Group

    Mission 2028

    £50,183 over one year to run MISSION 2028, a campaign to work across, and with, government, parliament and the political parties to deliver on the cross-party supported pledge of a gender equal parliament by 2028

    Amount: £50,183
    Theme: Democracy
    Date: 2024
  • Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law (British Institute of International and Comparative Law)

    The Rule of Law Restoration Project

    £75,903 over seven months to produce an analysis of the key legislative retrogressions to the rule of law between 2010–2024 and present well-researched and stress-tested proposals for reversing a strategically chosen set of them


    Amount: £75,903
    Theme: Democracy
    Date: 2024
  • Big Brother Watch

    Securing Rights Protections Against Digital Surveillance

    £69,678 over one year for their campaign to secure meaningful legal changes to protect human rights and the UK’s democracy under the forthcoming government in the context of two new applications of surveillance technology – facial recognition and workplace surveillance

    Amount: £69,678
    Theme: Democracy
    Date: 2024