Our priorities

We recognise that we can have greater impact if we focus our funding and activity.

Responding to the growing crisis of democracy and erosion of trust in the political class and institutions, JRRT’s priority area of work for both grant-making and external activities is democratic and political reform.

Our priorities include:


Electoral reform, to ensure that citizens’ votes count, that turnout is high and elections are fair.




Building an open and responsive democracy in which power can be challenged, devolved and held accountable




Supporting a thriving democratic culture that is inclusive, collaborative, and encourages participation.



We believe that power must be challenged and held accountable, that our political system must be open, inclusive and responsive, collaborative and in touch. We need to fix our democracy. Then, the social and economic problems we face in the UK will be easier to work through together.

Here are the links to find out more about what we fund and what we don’t fund.