What we fund

We encourage applicants to read through all the information provided about our grant giving aims and priorities, the grant application process and to contact us before developing an application.

Applications can be made:

  • At any time for small grants of up to £10,000
  • To quarterly application rounds for larger grants

See Important dates


JRRT particularly welcomes applications for work on:


Electoral reform: ensuring that citizens’ votes count, turnout is high and elections are fair.



Examples could include campaigning on:

  • a fairer voting system (proportional representation)
  • media and social media influence on elections
  • reforms to election party funding


Open and responsive democracy: in which executive power is checked by an effective parliament, and power is devolved to the nations, regions and communities.


Examples could include:

  • promoting further devolution and related mechanisms for accountability
  • making parliament and government more accountable and responsive to citizens


Thriving democratic culture: with respect for diversity, collaboration, informed public debate and participation.



Examples could include:

  • supporting effective cross-party collaboration
  • countering threats to democratic rights to protest, speak out and campaign
  • enabling effective citizen participation and engagement


Speaking Truth to Power

From time to time, JRRT funds other work that complements its objectives for democratic and political reform. This is solely at the discretion of Directors and the bar for consideration is high.

These projects:

  • are urgent and of national significance
  • arise in response to government action or inaction
  • are controversial, not charitable and cannot obtain funding elsewhere
  • address clear imbalances of power that create significant injustices for groups of people

If you wish to propose a campaign that fits these criteria, please contact us to arrange an initial discussion first.



JRRT recognises the importance of strengthening the capacity of those seeking to reform our politics and speak to truth to power. We allocate a proportion of our spending accordingly.

We understand that Covid-19 has had a particular impact, requiring campaigners to adapt their campaigning and develop new skills.

We recognise that there are currently specific challenges around fundraising and the even greater emphasis on digital campaigning.

JRRT is always open to discussing the needs of our grantees and may be able to help with the provision or signposting of advice and support.

Many of our grantees have enjoyed learning from each other. If you have areas of expertise you are prepared to share, please let us know.

To explore if JRRT might be in a position to assist, please contact the Programme Manager.


What we don’t fund

Information and guidance is also available on what we don’t fund.