The JRSST Charitable Trust (Charity Registration No. 247498) was created and funded by The Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust Limited in 1955.

JRSST-CT is independent of JRRT, and funds activity that supports its charitable purposes.  Its registered activity is: “undertaking or supporting work which relates specifically to supporting the development of an increasingly democratic and socially just society in the United Kingdom”. See JRSST-CT’s annual report for further information.

JRSST-CT is relatively small with assets of over £4m and an annual grant making capacity of over £100,000.

JRSST-CT’s grant making has supported a range of charitable purposes, including advancing understanding of citizenship, human rights, equality and participation in democracy.  Given its charitable status, research, convening and events feature prominently in the work it funds.

Unsolicited applications for grants funding are not accepted by JRSST-CT. Given the small amount of funds available to JRSST-CT, applications are by invitation only by agreement of the Chair and Vice Chair of the Board.


Grants awarded

Grants made by JRSST-CT are reported in its annual reports on the Charity Commission website – the most recent available here.

JRSST-CT is committed to transparency and we work with 360Giving to publish information about our grants. 360Giving supports organisations to publish their grants data in an open, standardised way.

Click here to download an Excel spreadsheet of the grants made by JRSST-CT since January 2015, published to the 360Giving standard.

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License which means the data is freely accessible to anyone to be used and shared as they wish. View a copy of this license. Please note the data must be attributed to JRSST-CT.