Applying for a grant

Providing grants for UK political campaigns
and lobbying with national impact

£1.4 million per year

funding rounds a year

fast response - up to £7,500

What types of applications do we fund?

If power can be challenged and held accountable, if the political system is open and responsive, collaborative and in touch, if we can fix our democracy – then the social and economic problems we face will be easier to work through together.

We welcome applicants that match these aspirations and we particularly welcome applications for work on:

In the last five years, the Trust has awarded grants ranging from a few hundred pounds to nearly half a million pounds. Applications for larger grants can be made to our quarterly application rounds. Small grants, of up to £7,500, can be applied for at almost any time.

The majority of the Trust’s grants are for work on democratic and political reform, but funds are also available to respond quickly to significant new political developments.

JRRT is a Living Wage Funder and we seek to ensure that all posts which are wholly or partially funded by us pay the real Living Wage. More information about our commitment is available here.

Applications that we don’t fund

Our focus is funding and supporting activities in the UK that bring about democratic and political reform.
We don’t give grants to projects that could be funded from charitable sources. To find out if your project meets our eligibility criteria, more information is available here.

How to make a successful application