Call for Proposals, a democracy network

Posted on: 14 Jan 2021

“One of the most effective ways to support [democracy] work is to connect the efforts of those pursuing such goals.” 

JRRT is funding a number of initiatives to strengthen the democracy sector. Last year we commissioned Networking for Democracy, an analysis of sector needs and perspectives. It concludes that building better connections within and outside the sector is a priority capacity building need; and that there is a good case and support for building a “network”.

Call for Proposals now open!


The JRRT Board has made a commitment to fund a network and is pleased to open our Call for Proposals. The process is open to both organisations and individuals.


Please submit your proposal by Monday 22 February 2021 to


Full information on the details required within your proposal can be found here


Downloads and useful links

Networking for Democracy

Democracy Action – the newsletter about action for democracy; engaging, collaborating, influencing, learning, sharing and inspiring.

Funding a democracy network – insights from a JRRT meeting with 50 democracy organisations, campaigners, and academics to discuss the need for – and purpose of – a democracy network.

Call for Proposals