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Amount Category Yearsort icon Awarded by
Democracy Volunteers - Voter ID trials 2019

to stop, or ameliorate, the Government’s planned change to a hard form of Voter ID 

£7,500 Democracy 2019 JRRT
Hatch UK - Hatch Innovation Challenge

to pilot a new method of building collaborative campaigns

£7,500 Democracy 2019 JRRT
Democracy Volunteers

to report on the 2018 elections, to inform and influence the debate on access to voting and electoral fraud in the UK.

£7,500 Democracy 2018 JRRT
Big Organising UK

towards the Big Organising UK conference

£5,000 Democracy 2018 JRRT
Jim McMahon MP

towards a project on Voting at 16

£19,000 Raw Politics 2018 JRRT
Darren Jones MP

towards a project on digital democracy

£19,000 Raw Politics 2018 JRRT
Campaign Together

for non-party progressive campaigning across the UK in local and national government elections.

£60,000 Democracy 2018 JRRT
Defend Digital Me

to campaign for safe, fair and transparent use of children's personal and confidential data, collected during the school census and admissions process

£25,997 Liberty 2018 JRRT
Political Skills Forum

to raise awareness abou the impact of compulsory ID for voting in future UK elections

£15,000 Democracy 2018 JRRT
Who Targets Me?

to collect and interpret political social media advertising around the 2018 UK local election campaigns to inform new regulatory policy and increase transparency

£53,500 Democracy 2018 JRRT
More United

cross-party working and access to elected office funding

£51,800 Democracy 2018 JRRT
Liberal Democrats

Electoral Insights Project: to undertake a full programme of polling and research to deliver effective messages and target voters

£301,740 Raw Politics 2018 JRRT
Undercover Research Group

towards continuing work investigating undercover policing of political activity in the UK

£66,500 Liberty 2018 JRRT
FPA Northern Ireland

to influence political and legal opinion to achieve abortion law reform in Northern Ireland

£25,070 Liberty 2018 JRSST
Labour for a People's Vote

towards influencing the Labour leadership to call for a public vote on the Brexit deal 

£25,000 Democracy 2018 JRRT
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