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Unlock Democracy

Towards the productionof a broadsheet for Local Works' campaign for transparency of governance in the spending of public money.

£3,000 Democracy 2009 JRRT
Quakers for Europe

to campaign amongst Quakers and others for Britain to remain a member state of the EU

£3,000 Democracy 2016 JRRT
Tim Farron MP

for a community politics project to refocus the efforts of grassroots activists

£3,338 Democracy 2011 JRRT
Adelphi Charter

towards the production of a report with recommendations to show why The Adelphi Charter's principles should be applied in the UK and how it could be done.

£3,500 Liberty 2006 JRSST
Searchlight Educational Trust

To assist the Asylum Working Group.

£3,500 Raw Politics 2003 JRSST
Cornish National Minority Report Steering Group

to update the Cornish National Minority Report to inform the ongoing campaign to win inclusion of Cornish as a group protected by the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities

£3,500 Liberty 2011 JRRT
Democracy Volunteers

to observe and assess the level of voter impersonation and family voting at the June 2017 General Election


£3,500 Democracy 2017 JRRT
Ruth Hayhurst/Rig Watch

over 18 months to carry out independent, comphrenshive journalism on how planning applications for onshore oil and gas drilling are decided

£3,627 Democracy 2015 JRRT
Sense About Science

to improve the reporting of government-commissiond research

£3,650 Issues 2017 JRSST

To campaign for full British Citizenship for British Nationals (Overseas) of all ethnicities.

£3,655 Liberty 2009 JRRT
Open Teaching, Learning & Certification

Towards the promotion of the free and comprehensive online publication of tax-payer-funded course materials in Britain.

£3,744 Liberty 2008 JRSST
Lord Paul Tyler

to provide a widely acceptable Draft Bill to provide a legislative framework for a referendum on the Brexit deal.

£3,750 Democracy 2018 JRRT
Kent Environment & Community Network

up to £3,782 towards attending the Aahus Convention Compliance and setting up a new website

£3,782 Issues 2011 JRRT
London Coalition Against Poverty

to support a campaign against the injustices of the social welfare system.

£3,900 Issues 2008 JRSST
Brack, Duncan; Richard Grayson & David Howarth MP

towards the cost of publishing a book, "Reinventing the State: Social Liberalism for the Twenty-Frist Century". Available from:

£3,960 Democracy 2007 JRSST
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