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Not Buying It

over 2 years to challenge The Sport being sold as a newspaper and to campaign against objectification of women

£46,775 Liberty 2015 JRRT
MedConfidential Ltd

to tackle institutuional and corporate misuse of NHS patients' data and ensure the Caldicott Consent Choice is implemented

£47,200 Liberty 2017 JRRT
Generation Rent

to campaign for security of tenure for private renters.

£48,000 Issues 2017 JRRT
New Politics Network

Over two years to campaign for political party funding reform that will strengthen local political parties and enhance their ability to communicate with and involve the electorate.

£48,046 Democracy 2004 JRRT
Combining All Our Strengths

for a consortium comprising Democratic Audit, Our Kingdom & Power over 1 year to mobilise support for the reforms outlined in The Governance of Britain green paper to be co-funded by the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust.


£48,690 Democracy 2007 JRSST
Privacy International

Over 6 months to campaign to reinstate the British value of privacy within the fabric of British policy and society.

£49,500 Liberty 2006 JRRT
Alliance for Choice

to campaign for abortion law reform in Northern Ireland

£49,800 Liberty 2017 JRRT
openDemocracy Ltd

over 6 months to expose corporate influence over the media

£49,843 Issues 2015 JRRT
Britdoc Foundation

over 9 months to build a political campaign around the release of a forthcoming film

£49,990 Liberty 2014 JRRT
Cchange (Conservatives for Change)

Over two years to develop a wide and effective range of activities to promote the modernisation of the Conservative Party.

£50,000 Democracy 2003 JRRT
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