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Cchange (Conservatives for Change)

Over two years to develop a wide and effective range of activities to promote the modernisation of the Conservative Party.

£50,000 Democracy 2003 JRRT
Yes to Fairer Votes

towards the cost of establishing the campaign and undertaking initial research for the AV Referendum Yes campaign.

£50,000 Democracy 2010 JRRT
Institute for Government

over 2 years towards their 'Methods of Selection of Candidates' project.

£50,000 Democracy 2010 JRSST
Unlock Democracy

over 6 months to undertake effective campaigns on constitutional and democratic reform issues

£50,000 Democracy 2011 JRRT
Unlock Democracy

towards their programme of work on constitutional reform

£50,000 Democracy 2012 JRRT
Hacked Off

to enable them to ensure that the public are informed about the Leveson Inquiry recommendations and have an opportunity to express their support for reform.

£50,000 Issues 2012 JRRT
Hacked Off

to continue to campaign for the implementation of the recommendations from the Leveson Inquiry on press regulation

£50,000 Issues 2013 JRRT
Scottish Liberal Democrats

in the run up to the 2016 Scottish Parliamentary elections

£50,000 Raw Politics 2015 JRRT
Liberal Democrats

to develop voter engagement

£50,000 Raw Politics 2016 JRRT
English PEN

libel reform campaign in Northern Ireland and Scotland

£50,000 Liberty 2016 JRSST
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