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Byrne, Steve

Towards a project for the implementation of the Commons Act 2006 (re-registration of common land)


£3,985 Issues 2008 JRSST
Liberal Democrat History Group

To redesign and restructure the website on Liberal history.

£4,000 Democracy 2006 JRSST
Action on Rights for Children

To assist ARCH to set up a charitable ‘arm’ and improve the organisation's financial standing.

£4,000 Liberty 2007 JRRT

To research the implications of, and campaign to reform, the Armed Forces Bill.

£4,000 Peace 2006 JRRT
Associative Democracy - Andrea Westall

towards a seminar exploring the relevance and applicability of associative democracy and the production of an e-book.

£4,000 Democracy 2010 JRSST
Bureau of Investigative Journalism

to assist the Advisory Group on Charitable Status and Journalism to research, articulate and disseminate arguments in favour of charitable public interest journalism

£4,000 Issues 2012 JRSST
Option A Team

to enable the official campaign for Option A in the Jersey Referendum to take out a full page advert in the Jersey Evening Post and to produce a leaflet to deliver across the island immediately before polling.

£4,000 Democracy 2013 JRRT
King's College London

towards work on a Citizens' Convention on UK Democracy

£4,000 Democracy 2016 JRSST
GeneWatch UK

To encourage and assist organisations and individuals to input to the Nuffield Council on Bioethics’ consultation on the National DNA Database, particularly with reference to the privacy and human rights implications.

£4,010 Liberty 2007 JRRT
Neighbourhoods England

Towards their Neighbourhoods Bradford Project 2007/8 for a City Centre parish or town council.

£4,175 Issues 2008 JRRT
GeneWatch UK

Towards their campaign against the indefinite retention of DNA by the police.

£4,190 Liberty 2008 JRRT
Social Liberal Forum

to assist the Liberal Democrats enhance their democratic policy-making processes in government

£4,197 Democracy 2011 JRRT
Democratic Audit

To assist Democratic Audit to support Lord Lloyd of Berwick’s Private Member’s Bill to end the ban on the use of intercept evidence in open court.

£4,213 Liberty 2007 JRSST
English Collective of Prostitutes

To campaign against Clause 72 of the Criminal Justice & Immigration Bill and the further criminalisation of sex workers.

£4,310 Liberty 2008 JRRT
Burnley Labour Party

to assist with campaign costs in the 2004 local elections.

£4,321 Raw Politics 2005 JRRT
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