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Amount Category Yearsort icon Awarded by
APPG on Extraordinary Rendition

to undertake research into the truth about UK involvement in extraordinary rendition

£18,000 Liberty 2016 JRSST
Fiona Grahame

towards the shortfall in fundraising for the costs incurred in Morrison v. Carmichael

£5,000 Democracy 2016 JRRT
Labour Campaign for Human Rights

to campaign against mass surveillance and to defend the Human Rights Act and UK membership of the European Convention on Human Rights

£70,000 Liberty 2016 JRRT
Rainbow Project

to promote civil marriage equality for same sex couples in Northern Ireland

£40,000 Liberty 2016 JRSST
Liberal Democrats

to develop voter engagement

£50,000 Raw Politics 2016 JRRT
Network for Police Monitoring

towards their ' Protecting the Anti-Fracking Protesters' campaign

£44,307 Liberty 2016 JRRT
ClearView Research Ltd

for an inquiry into how to register young people on the electoral roll

£7,500 Democracy 2016 JRSST
MedConfidential Ltd

to work to protect medical confidentiality, ensuring that the flow of patient data through the health and care systems is consensual, safe and transparent.

£45,755 Liberty 2016 JRRT

campaign to change the age of armed forces recruitment to 18 and challenge the military's narrative in schools.

£20,690 Liberty 2016 JRRT
Manifesto Club

campaign against public spaces protection orders and related powers

£29,000 Liberty 2016 JRRT
English PEN

libel reform campaign in Northern Ireland and Scotland

£50,000 Liberty 2016 JRSST
FPA Northern Ireland

campaign on abortion rights in Northern Ireland

£44,452 Liberty 2016 JRSST
Carmichael MP, Alistair

to uphold existing case law about the circumstances in which a legitimately elected MP can be unseated

£50,000 Raw Politics 2016 JRRT
Alliance Party of Northern Ireland

over 5 years to support liberal change in Stormont

£150,000 Raw Politics 2016 JRRT
Digital-Trust CIC

to continue working on the digital crime related amendments to the Policing and Crime Bill

£17,650 Democracy 2016 JRRT
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