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Amount Category Yearsort icon Awarded by
Operation Votey McVoteface

to get more live-aboard canal and river boat travellers to vote in the next UK general election

£9,922 Democracy 2018 JRRT
The Rowntree Society

towards the Society’s ongoing work supporting the Rowntree legacy


£7,500 Issues 2018 JRSST
Youth Politics Ltd

towards increasing voter turnout amongst young adults

£7,500 Democracy 2018 JRRT
Open Rights Group

to enable the delivery of a political campaign on the Scottish Government’s July 2018 announcement of a public consultation on enhanced oversight of biometric data for justice and community safety purposes in Scotland

£6,975 Issues 2018 JRRT
Fabian Society

to fund a pamphlet and associated campaign work on the issue of parliamentary reform from the perspective of the crop of new Labour MPs elected in 2017

£7,000 Democracy 2018 JRRT
Women Against Rape

to update the criminal injuries compensation scheme (CICS) for victims of sexual violence 

£7,500 Issues 2018 JRRT
Red Pepper

to help seize the new political moment and progressive popular thinking by adapting their website and print magazine to grasp the political opportunities opened up by the surge of support. 

£7,500 Democracy 2018 JRRT
Good Law Project

Building legal capacity for the third sector

£7,500 Issues 2018 JRRT
Lord Paul Tyler

to provide a widely acceptable Draft Bill to provide a legislative framework for a referendum on the Brexit deal.

£3,750 Democracy 2018 JRRT
Labour for a People's Vote

to persuade the Labour Party to back a public vote on the Brexit deal, and to campaign for remain in that vote

£75,000 Democracy 2018 JRRT
Make Votes Matter

to campaign to introduce Proportional Representation to the House of Commons

£360,000 Democracy 2018 JRRT
Manifesto Club

to campaign to oppose restrictions on protest and free speech in public spaces 

£39,500 Democracy 2018 JRRT
One Yorkshire Committee

to persuade the Government to approve plans for a Mayor for Yorkshire supported by a cabinet of Yorkshire council leaders by 2020 

£32,500 Democracy 2018 JRRT
Open Rights Group

to campaign for new rules for use of personal data in political campaigning that will enhance transparency for the public

£87,225 Democracy 2018 JRRT
Parliament Project

over 3 years to support an increase in the number of women candidates at elections, and to increase the number of womenin Parliament across all parties.

£36,000 Democracy 2017 JRRT
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