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Amount Category Yearsort icon Awarded by
The Fabian Society

over 8 months to build support and make the case for reform within the Labour Party: 'A New Charter for Democratic Reform'

£28,753 Democracy 2015 JRRT
Constitution Reform Group

over 1 year to address threats to the constitutional stability of the UK and promote a cross-party campaign for a new Act of Union

£60,000 Democracy 2015 JRRT
Quilliam Foundation

over 1 year to promote liberalism in upcoming counter-extremism legislation

£54,190 Liberty 2015 JRRT
Association of Scottish Liberal Democrat Councillors

over 18 months

£44,100 Raw Politics 2015 JRRT
openDemocracy Ltd

over 6 months to expose corporate influence over the media

£49,843 Issues 2015 JRRT
Writers & Scholars International Ltd

over 6 months towards a joint campaign with English PEN against key parts of the government's proposed extemism bill

£15,435 Liberty 2015 JRRT
Yorkshire & the Humber Liberal Democrats

over 5 years to provide support for local government campaigning

£75,000 Raw Politics 2015 JRRT
Ruth Hayhurst/Rig Watch

over 18 months to carry out independent, comphrenshive journalism on how planning applications for onshore oil and gas drilling are decided

£3,627 Democracy 2015 JRRT
Scottish Liberal Democrats

in the run up to the 2016 Scottish Parliamentary elections

£50,000 Raw Politics 2015 JRRT
Welsh Liberal Democrats

to campaign in the run up to the 2016 Welsh Assembly Elections

£40,000 Raw Politics 2015 JRRT
Corporate Watch

to campaign for care home companies to provide a better standard of care and pay carers properly

£7,475 Issues 2015 JRRT
Democratic Audit

towards the development of the Democratic Dashboard, a voter information web portal to highlight the benefits of alterantive electoral systems

£29,370 Democracy 2015 JRSST
Red Pepper

to develop media tools that will boost the impact of campaigns

£6,500 Democracy 2015 JRRT
Rainbow Project Northern Ireland

to campaign on LGBT issues in the lead up to the Northern Ireland Assembly Elections

£22,600 Liberty 2015 JRSST
Democracy Club

to create an online tool to enable anyone to find their polling station

£21,250 Democracy 2015 JRSST
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