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Amount Category Yearsort icon Awarded by
Unlock Democracy

Towards the productionof a broadsheet for Local Works' campaign for transparency of governance in the spending of public money.

£3,000 Democracy 2009 JRRT

Towards Phase 2 of POWER2010.

£671,000 Democracy 2009 JRRT
Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain

Towards a seminar on Sharia Law in Britain.

£5,000 Liberty 2009 JRRT
Byrne, Steve

Towards a project for the implementation of the Commons Act 2006 (re-registration of common land)


£3,985 Issues 2008 JRSST
Aegis Trust

For a campaign to change UK law on crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide.

£4,800 Peace 2008 JRSST
Convention on Modern Liberty

towards the Convention of Modern Liberty to be held in Spring 2009.

£10,000 Liberty 2008 JRSST
Rowntree Society

to support the project on the work and legacy of the Rowntree family

£10,000 Issues 2008 JRSST
Unlock Democracy

Towards the publication of an anthology of writings on democracy to celebrate Charter88's achievements.

£5,000 Democracy 2008 JRSST
Jubilee Scotland, Edinburgh

tpwards a campaign for the cancellation of Suharto's debt legacy.

£4,343 Peace 2008 JRSST
Open Teaching, Learning & Certification

Towards the promotion of the free and comprehensive online publication of tax-payer-funded course materials in Britain.

£3,744 Liberty 2008 JRSST
Northern Ireland Coalition (Robin Wilson)

Over 3 months towards a feasibility study into establishing a new political coalition in Northern Ireland.


£9,870 Democracy 2008 JRSST
London Coalition Against Poverty

to support a campaign against the injustices of the social welfare system.

£3,900 Issues 2008 JRSST
Combining All Our Strengths

Over 4 months, matching the grant made by the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust for Democratic Audit and Our Kingdom to continue to develop the informal alliance of civil society organisations.

£22,266 Democracy 2008 JRSST
Centre for Women & Democracy, Leeds

Towards the Centre's 2008 International Women's Day Project aiming to generate interest in mainstream politics amongst young women and girls.

£4,795 Democracy 2008 JRSST
English Collective of Prostitutes

over 1 year to campaign against proposed legislation which would increase the criminalisation of sex workers and undermine women's safety.

£23,500 Liberty 2008 JRRT
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