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Amount Category Yearsort icon Awarded by
Keep Our NHS Public

over 6 months to develop their campaing against out-sourcing of NHS services to corporations.

£16,800 Issues 2008 JRRT

to continue funding until 3 months after the next General Election.

£95,105 Raw Politics 2008 JRRT
Hope Not Hate Yorkshire

For anti-fascist campaigning over 18 months.

£82,054 Raw Politics 2008 JRRT
Unlock Democracy

To develop VoteMatch for the European Elections.

£24,600 Democracy 2008 JRRT
GeneWatch UK

Towards their campaign against the indefinite retention of DNA by the police.

£4,190 Liberty 2008 JRRT
FPA of Northern Ireland & Irish FPA

to undertake activities in the whole of Ireland.

£10,000 Liberty 2008 JRSST
Foreign Policy Centre

Towards the cost of organising the inaugural Robin Cook Memorial Lecture.

£5,000 Democracy 2007 JRSST

Towards the cost of their Sustainable Meetings project.

£5,000 Democracy 2007 JRSST

For Women2Win towards the cost of offering intensive training to women during the selection process in order increase the number of Conservative women MPs.

£10,000 Democracy 2007 JRRT

Seed funding for the organisation.

£5,000 Issues 2007 JRSST

To develop a campaign in Scotland seeking the abolition of the monarchy and an end to hereditary positions of power.

£5,000 Issues 2007 JRRT
Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism

To hold a workshop, ‘Money and News’ in Oxford .

£5,000 Issues 2007 JRSST

Towards the cost of commissioning an evaluation of the Government’s proposed UK Ten Year Drug Strategy’s impact on organised crime.

£5,000 Issues 2007 JRSST
World Development Movement

Towards the WDM’s UK Airports, Climate Change & Global Justice campaign to bring about changes within the UK aviation industry

£4,873 Issues 2007 JRRT
Action on Rights for Children

to assist ARCH to continue its work on child tracking issues.

£5,000 Liberty 2007 JRRT
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