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over 2 years towards their abuse of process campaign

£76,000 Liberty 2016 JRRT

Over two years towards their work on the centre-left of British politics.

£76,600 Raw Politics 2006 JRRT

Over two years to work with anti-fascist campaigning groups.

£78,775 Raw Politics 2006 JRRT
Campaign for English Regions

To support the campaign for elected regional assemblies.

£79,900 Democracy 2003 JRRT
Hope Not Hate Yorkshire

For anti-fascist campaigning over 18 months.

£82,054 Raw Politics 2008 JRRT
NO2ID - Stopping the Database State

Over 2 yrs to continue the campaign against the database state.

£84,267 Liberty 2008 JRRT
Bite the Ballot

over 2 years to campaign for the political parties' manifestos to contain issues of concern to young people and to increase voter registration.

£84,280 Democracy 2013 JRRT
Scottish Liberal Democrats

Over eighteen months to address political disengagement in the lead up to the 2007 local elections in Scotland.

£86,000 Raw Politics 2006 JRRT
Open Rights Group

to campaign for new rules for use of personal data in political campaigning that will enhance transparency for the public

£87,225 Democracy 2018 JRRT

to continue funding until 3 months after the next General Election.

£95,105 Raw Politics 2008 JRRT
Liberal Democrats - The Office of the Leader of the Lib Dems

To support the Office of the Leader of the Liberal Democrats.

£100,000 Raw Politics 2006 JRRT
Yorkshire & the Humber Liberal Democrats

Over 3 years to address political disengagement in Yorkshire and the Humber.

£100,000 Raw Politics 2006 JRRT
Hope Not Hate Yorkshire

over 2 years for anti-fascist campaigning work.

£101,298 Raw Politics 2006 JRRT
Unlock Democracy

Over 2 years to build on the 'Purity of Elections' research and support a campaign for change in advance of the next General Election.

£101,466 Democracy 2008 JRRT
POWER Inquiry/Citizens' Inquiry

Additional funding granted during 2005/6 to this project jointly funded by JRRT and our sister Trust, Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust. The report was released in February 2006 (see the publications page).


£105,000 Democracy 2005 JRSST
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