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FPA in Northern Ireland

to continue to campaign for the decriminalisation of abortion in Northern Ireland and equal access to abortion services as other women in the rest of the UK

£28,345 Liberty 2011 JRSST
Professor George Peden & Sir Alan Peacock

for their project on merging National Insurance and Income Tax

£4,908 Democracy 2011 JRSST
Rowntree Society

over 3 years to increase the capacity of the Society as a source of information about the Rowntree legacy.

£15,000 Issues 2012 JRSST
Education for Choice

to address the lack of good quality education about pregnancy decision-making and abortion in English schools

£5,000 Liberty 2012 JRSST
University of Lincoln School of Journalism

for a pilot project to establish a charitable news organisation

£5,000 Issues 2012 JRSST
Politically Engaged Young Friends

towards the costs of holding a weekend conference for politically engaged young Quakers.

£1,500 Democracy 2012 JRSST
Bureau of Investigative Journalism

to assist the Advisory Group on Charitable Status and Journalism to research, articulate and disseminate arguments in favour of charitable public interest journalism

£4,000 Issues 2012 JRSST
Democratic Audit

towards publishing and disseminating a report on the Bradford West by-election

£4,332 Democracy 2013 JRSST
Democratic Audit

towards a report on the lessons that can be learnt for election campaigning and political engagement in Britain from the Bradford West by-election

£4,950 Democracy 2012 JRSST
Privacy International

to ensure technical, privacy-focused debate informs the Communications Data Bill and new EU data protection framework.

£40,141 Liberty 2013 JRSST
English PEN

over one year for a campaign to ensure that the provisions of the Defamation Act 2013 are fully implemented by the Northern Ireland Assembly and the Scottish Executive

£23,969 Democracy 2014 JRSST
Ben Lyons

towards a scoping exercise for an inquiry into intergenerational justice in Britain

£5,000 Democracy 2014 JRSST

over 6 months towards the upgrading of

£28,000 Democracy 2014 JRSST

creating a Voter Advice Application for young people

£5,000 Democracy 2015 JRSST
FPA in Northern Ireland

to challenge anti-choice rhetoric and increase political support and commitment for a woman’s right to access an abortion

£20,000 Liberty 2015 JRSST
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