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Amount Category Yearsort icon Awarded by
Parliament Project

seed funding to support women run for political office in the UK

£6,700 Democracy 2016 JRRT
Conferencing Organising Group/Beyond Nuclear

over 4 months for a conference to pose a challenge to decisions being taken concerning the UK and nuclear power

£2,500 Issues 2016 JRRT
Labour Campaign for Human Rights Ltd

over 6 months to continue campaigning again mass surveillance in the UK and against the government's plans to abolish the Human Rights Act

£7,500 Liberty 2016 JRRT
Future Housing Review

over 9 months to campaign for housing associations to rethink their voluntary agreement on 'Right to Buy'.

£22,500 Issues 2016 JRRT

over 3 months to participate in the consultation on the new Investigatory Powers Bill and campaign to protect individuals' data and personal information from being accessed by potential digital abusers

£6,225 Liberty 2016 JRRT

over 1 year to continue the campaign for the establishment of enforceable victims' rights in statute.

£30,000 Liberty 2016 JRRT
Electoral Reform Society

towards the creation of an online tool to help facilitate informed debate about Britain's membership of the European Union

£7,500 Democracy 2016 JRRT
High Pay Centre

towards a campaign for pay ratio transparency in medium-sized and large companies.

£5,000 Democracy 2016 JRRT
Quakers for Europe

to campaign amongst Quakers and others for Britain to remain a member state of the EU

£3,000 Democracy 2016 JRRT

towards a pro-EU campaign to educate and engage young voters with the forthcoming Referendum

£5,800 Democracy 2016 JRRT
Another Europe Is Possible

towards a project to mobilse a progressive alliance of parties, unions and social movements for an 'in' vote in the EU Referendum and establish a viable post-referendum strategy to change Europe for the better

£7,500 Democracy 2016 JRRT
Alliance for Choice

to assist them build a civil society coalition ('Trust Women Coaltion') to press for abortion law reform in Northern Ireland

£51,540 Liberty 2016 JRRT
Undercover Research Group

to make the case for transparency and disclosure in political policing

£7,500 Liberty 2016 JRRT
Best for Our Future Ltd

towards the production of a pro-EU booklet targetting key swing demographics for the EU Referendum

£35,000 Democracy 2016 JRRT
APPG on Extraordinary Rendition

to establish the truth about UK involvement in extraordinary rendition, reduce the likelihood of recurrence and reform the Intelligence & Security Committee

£27,000 Liberty 2016 JRRT
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