Grants awarded

The grants we award range in size from a few hundred to tens of thousands of pounds. Some grants tackle short-term immediate issues and may be in response to specific political developments. Occasionally multi-year grants are made.

Information about grants is published on this website once the grant has been formally agreed.

Our grants are also published to the 360Giving standard* and are available to download as an Excel spreadsheet.  See below for a full list of grants starting with the most recent.

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  • Not1More

    Defending UK Democratic Rights

    £10,000 over one year to lobby for a Parliamentary Inquiry, and communicate to key policymakers the unjust use of civil injunctions to criminalise protesters.

    Amount: £10,000
    Theme: Democracy
    Date: 2023
  • Patient Experience Library

    Revealing the hidden web of influence

    £8,500 over nine months to build a fully independent and open access online “pharma funding tracker”, showing how money is moving between drug companies and APPGs.

    Amount: £8,500
    Theme: Democracy
    Date: 2023
  • Citizens UK

    Overarching Voter Registration, Voter ID and Voter Turnout Sign-up Campaign

    Up to £238,006 over a maximum of 18 months (depending on the date of the General Election) to deliver a sign-up campaign encouraging civil society and corporate partners to take action to support voter registration, obtaining Voter ID and to encourage voter turnout

    Amount: £238,006
    Theme: UK Democracy Fund
    Date: 2023
  • Migrant Democracy Project

    Our Home Our Vote

    £50,380 over one year to run their campaign advocating for the expansion of the franchise to all migrant residents in at least local elections

    Amount: £50,380
    Theme: Democracy
    Date: 2023
  • Foxglove

    Big Tech & NHS Data

    £72,048 over one year to deliver a campaign demanding scrutiny of the government’s plans to create a Federated Data Platform (FDP)

    Amount: £72,048
    Theme: Democracy
    Date: 2023
  • Centenary Action Group

    Women Count

    £48,364 over one year to fund their Women Count campaign, which seeks to increase the number of women candidates standing in the election, hold the parties to account on issues of representation and engage the female electorate

    Amount: £48,364
    Theme: Democracy
    Date: 2023
  • Can’t Buy My Silence

    £50,000 over one year to employ administrative, strategic and fundraising support to scale up their campaign to stop those in power misusing non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) in cases of sexual misconduct, bullying, discrimination, and all other human rights violations

    Amount: £50,000
    Theme: Truth to Power
    Date: 2023
  • After Exploitation

    Exploitation Evidence Hub and Taskforce

    £39,356 over one year to create a channel through which survivors of exploitation, NGOs, the press and Parliamentarians can request and challenge Government data on modern slavery, whilst supporting these stakeholders with practical resources and an evidence base founded on successful and pending FOI data on the lived experiences of victims

    Amount: £39,356
    Theme: Truth to Power
    Date: 2023
  • The Institute for Constitutional & Democratic Research

    The APPG for Democracy & the Constitution

    £18,975 over four months to support the work of the APPG for Democracy & the Constitution, specifically the programme of activity related to the Elections Act

    Amount: £18,975
    Theme: Democracy
    Date: 2023