Grants awarded

The grants we award range in size from a few hundred to tens of thousands of pounds. Some grants tackle short-term immediate issues and may be in response to specific political developments. Occasionally multi-year grants are made.

Information about grants is published on this website once the grant has been formally agreed.

Our grants are also published to the 360Giving standard* and are available to download as an Excel spreadsheet.  See below for a full list of grants starting with the most recent.

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  • Legal Aid Team

    towards distribution and outreach campaign supporting a satirical film to highlight cuts to Legal Aid

    Amount: £5,000
    Theme: Rights and equality
    Date: 2015
  • Fantasy Frontbench

    towards development of an online tool allowing users to directly compare political candidates from all parties on the issues that matter most to them, creating a fantasy cabinet which they can then share via social media

    Amount: £4,664
    Theme: Democracy
    Date: 2015
  • Ben Lyons

    The Generation Y project (with The Guardian)

    to raise the profile of intergenerational fairness in partnership with The Guardian, OECD & Ipsos MORI

    Amount: £2,500
    Theme: Rights and equality
    Date: 2015
  • Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND)

    A Once in a Generation Opportunity for Disarmament

    to campaign against replacing the Trident nuclear weapons system

    Amount: £55,000
    Theme: Rights and equality
    Date: 2015
  • Alliance Party of Northern Ireland

    Northern Ireland Assembly Elections 2016

    to campaign in the run up to the 2016 Northern Ireland Assembly Elections

    Amount: £35,000
    Theme: Political party
    Date: 2015
  • ForcesWatch

    Challenging the military’s involvement with young people

    to campaign to raise the age of armed forces recruitment and to challenge the government’s promotion of military activities in school

    Amount: £21,250
    Theme: Rights and equality
    Date: 2015
  • 50for15

    to cover 50 of the most marginal seats of the 2015 General Election in the run up to May 2015 to raise voter awareness and understanding, increase participation and set a new media precedent

    Amount: £2,644
    Theme: Democracy
    Date: 2015