Grants awarded

The grants we award range in size from a few hundred to tens of thousands of pounds. Some grants tackle short-term immediate issues and may be in response to specific political developments. Occasionally multi-year grants are made.

Information about grants is published on this website once the grant has been formally agreed.

Our grants are also published to the 360Giving standard* and are available to download as an Excel spreadsheet.  See below for a full list of grants starting with the most recent.

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  • Michael Meadowcroft (on behalf of the co-editors)

    Yellow Book – Essays on a Liberal Yorkshire and The Humber

    to produce a collection of essays on a liberal future for Yorkshire and the Humber that promotes the concept of “One Yorkshire” and will seek to inform and lobby the government, to enthuse constituents and to provide the media with informed comment on the need for devolution to the whole county.

    Amount: £969
    Theme: Democracy
    Date: 2019
  • Darren Jones MP

    Liberal Voices – Labour Digital 2

    to expand the work of Labour Digital and to place it on a sustainable footing

    Amount: £19,000
    Theme: Democracy
    Date: 2019
  • Centenary Action Group

    #Enact106 – Centenary Action Group

    to deliver a significant advance in the treatment and representation of women in politics

    Amount: £45,973
    Theme: Democracy
    Date: 2019
  • the3million

    EU27 citizens’ rights and participation in UK democracy

    to secure the voting rights of 3.6 million citizens from EU27 countries in anticipation of Brexit

    Amount: £58,000
    Theme: UK Democracy Fund
    Date: 2019
  • Big Brother Watch

    Data, Rights and Democracy

    to support an overarching data, rights and democracy campaign to combat current data-based threats to human rights and democratic culture in the UK, both online and offline

    Amount: £32,084
    Theme: Democracy
    Date: 2019
  • 50:50 Parliament

    50:50 Parliament Mentoring and Monitoring Scheme

    to campaign to ensure women have equal seats and equal say in Parliament

    Amount: £34,600
    Theme: Democracy
    Date: 2019
  • E3G

    Tackling the Shrinking Democratic Space for Climate Decision

    to bring together senior representatives from the climate and democratic communities at an invitation-only event as part of London Climate Action Week (1–5 July), to build a shared understating of the anti-democratic threats to climate action and a political strategy for tackling them

    Amount: £7,000
    Theme: Democracy
    Date: 2019
  • medConfidential

    to campaign for confidentiality and consent regarding data in health and social care

    Amount: £24,000
    Theme: Rights and equality
    Date: 2019
  • Jo Cox Foundation

    Civility in Politics Awards

    to create the Civility in Politics Awards to reward and encourage (more) civil political discourse in the UK

    Amount: £7,500
    Theme: Democracy
    Date: 2019