Grants awarded

The grants we award range in size from a few hundred to tens of thousands of pounds. Some grants tackle short-term immediate issues and may be in response to specific political developments. Occasionally multi-year grants are made.

Information about grants is published on this website once the grant has been formally agreed.

Our grants are also published to the 360Giving standard* and are available to download as an Excel spreadsheet.  See below for a full list of grants starting with the most recent.

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  • Drone Wars UK

    Ensuring civil rights as UK opens skies to BVLOS drones

    to ensure that privacy protection and democratic accountability is central to the UK government’s plans to open UK airspace to military, state and commercial use of ‘Beyond Visual Line of Sight’ (BVLOS) drones.

    Amount: £20,000
    Theme: Rights and equality
    Date: 2020
  • Association of Liberal Democrat Councillors

    Local Campaign Development Project – continuation

    in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the postponement of the 2020 local elections to May 2021, to further develop the campaign infrastructure of ALDC and to continue to support four part-time Development Officers

    Amount: £98,407
    Theme: Political party
    Date: 2020
  • Nottingham Trent University

    Making Votes-at-16 Work: Mobilising young first-time voters

    to test and demonstrate the impact on participation rates of different interventions to engage newly enfranchised young people in Wales

    Amount: £39,912
    Theme: UK Democracy Fund
    Date: 2020
  • Ethnic Youth Support Team

    Make Your Mark 2021 (BAME Youth Vote Project)

    to run an engagement programme to ensure BAME young people (aged 16-25) are registered and turnout to vote in the upcoming Welsh parliament elections

    Amount: £29,983
    Theme: UK Democracy Fund
    Date: 2020
  • Generation Rent

    Addressing the democratic deficit in the private rented sector

    to address the democratic deficit that exists between local authorities and private renters by working with five local authorities to develop a best practice model of consultation and engagement

    Amount: £48,000
    Theme: Democracy
    Date: 2020
  • The Traveller Movement

    Operation Traveller Vote

    to build skills and knowledge of democratic processes among Gypsy, Roma and Irish Traveller (GRT) people

    Amount: £45,546
    Theme: Democracy
    Date: 2020
  • Big Brother Watch

    Protecting Rights and Democracy Post-Covid

    to pursue their Protecting Rights and Democracy Post-Covid campaign to meet the great challenges of the pandemic context

    Amount: £84,540
    Theme: Democracy
    Date: 2020
  • 50:50 Parliament

    New Girls Network Expansion

    to strengthen and expand their ‘New Girls Network’, a system to mentor and monitor women’s progress into politics

    Amount: £56,068
    Theme: Democracy
    Date: 2020
  • Police Spies Out Of Lives

    Campaign and support work

    to support members through the evidential stages of the Undercover Policing Inquiry and to campaign to bring to public attention the assault on democratic protest by undercover police infiltration of activist groups

    Amount: £47,424
    Theme: Rights and equality
    Date: 2020