JRSST-CT Grants Awarded

JRSST-CT’s grants support a range of charitable purposes, including advancing understanding of citizenship, human rights, equality and participation in democracy.


Current grants

Some of our current grants are highlighted below.

Details of all grants awarded by JRSST-CT are available in our Annual Reports, which can be found on the Charities Commission website here.


John Schofield Trust

JST Sixth form online mentoring scheme

£7,500 towards their project to help young people move into professional journalism. Working in collaboration with Brightside, sixth form students are matched with expert professional journalists who volunteer as online mentors.

Theme: Informed citizens – democracy education and information

Website: johnschofieldtrust.org.uk


Shout Out UK


£54,275 over 13 months for their #PoliticalLiteracy campaign that seeks to gain political support for the inclusion of Political Literacy education on the National Curriculum via a GCSE in Government and Politics in England.

Theme: Informed citizens – democracy education and information

Website: www.shoutoutuk.org


Centre for Governance and Scrutiny

Redesigning local democratic decision-making

£33,500 over eleven months for a campaign which will challenge traditional assumptions about power and how it is held to account at a local level, and seek to articulate a better model for local governance in a post-COVID world.

Theme: Democratic and constitutional reform

Website: www.cfps.org.uk


Constitution Unit, University College London

£49,673 to fund a full-time Coordinator/researcher for one year, to support a network of independent, expert research organisations monitoring the government’s constitutional reform proposals and other changes in this field.

Theme: Democratic and constitutional reform

Website: www.ucl.ac.uk/constitution-unit/


Speakers’ Corner Trust

Citizens’ participation in local policy decision-making

£12,200 over six months to minimise the damage to public participation in local democracy caused as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Theme: Democracy policy research

Website: www.speakerscornertrust.org



JRSST-CT is committed to transparency and we work with 360Giving to publish information about our grants. 360Giving supports organisations to publish their grants data in an open, standardised way.

Click here to download an Excel spreadsheet of the grants made by JRSST-CT since January 2015, published to the 360Giving standard.

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